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“No white man could sing the blues like one of us… We was born with it.”
Muddy Waters, 1966
A Feature Documentary by Bay Weyman

Blues 66 is a compelling new feature documentary about a legendary gathering of blues musicians, including Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Otis Spann, and James Cotton. It was at a time when blues music was becoming increasingly popular because of its profound influence on 60s rock and roll. Yet it was also a time of high racial tension and division, when black blues artists were rarely seen on American television. So they came to Toronto instead to do a television music special. The film will use hours of re-discovered out-takes from the three days of studio sessions, plus contemporary interviews, to explore the lives and music of these remarkable musicians, and the context of the times in which they lived.

A Feature Documentary Planned for Production 2020/21

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